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According to Georgia's G.B.I. Baldwin County, Alabama had all the answers regarding my son's  reported death even though the GBI was reportedly involved in this case when the car was found and the agency also reportedly provided identifying fingerprints to Alabama authorities.

Why did Lt. Deputy Hoss Mack and Corporal John Garner initially stonewall my attempts to get police reports?  Why did they lead me to believe they, and not Sheriff Johnson, were in charge? Why did I have to wait nearly six years, until 2004 after discovering James B. Johnson was sheriff, to get the police reports?

Why weren't Mike Holmes and John Garner's reports entered into computers like the other reports?  Does Baldwin County Sheriff's office make and confirm fingerprint identifications in the office?

Police reports below show a victim with shoulder length dark hair while forensics reports show a victim with hair 6-inches from the crown.  There was no mention of scars anywhere on the body with police, yet forensics reports showed a three inch, well-healed scar at each knee, and my son had no scars whatsoever on his legs or body of note.

Forensics reports show a victim 5ft.-8 inches tall, weighing 144 lbs.  Georgia print card that BCSO said matched the body shows a male weighing 160 lbs, and 5 ft. 10 inches tall.

The reports I was able to retrieve, are below:

The following partial report was written 12/9/1998 by Deputy Mike Holmes.  The form was not completed by Holmes, as handwriting shows someone else wrote in the name of Larry K. Crenshaw, and the address for Crenshaw.  There is no evidence this report was entered into computers as are some of the others.

The following report was filed 12/10/1998

Below Deputy Huey A. Mack mentions Corporal Garner, Deputy Holmes, Sgts. Holcombe  and Stallworth, and writes that Agent S. Stabler and Sgt. W. Stewart assisted in the investigation.

The following reports were filed 12/14/1998

Having already mentioned Deputy Mike Holmes in the page above, Corporal John Garner writes  below that Sgt. Stallworth, Lt. Mack, Warren Stewart & Stan Stabler from the ABI, and "the coroner" (meaning Huey Mack, Sr.? and not Forensics examiner, Julia Goodin?) responded to the scene.

The following report was filed 12/15/1998

The following report was filed 12/21/1998

The following reports were filed 12/22/1998

Release of the body, 12/28/1998 to father, Gerard J. Sniffen, Jr., by Circuit Judge Lyn Stuart.

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