Friday, July 11, 2014

Alive or Dead?

Calling all Investigators and Truth Seekers: 

Please help me solve the mystery
of the disappearance of my son.

In 1998 my son went missing.  I've been seeking the truth ever since but keep running into brick walls.  

I am his mother and I want to know what happened to my son!  I was told he was dead but evidence proves there was a mistaken identity.  

The forensics of a body found did not match my son's characteristcs.

He had every reason to live as a gifted musician, singer songwriter known in Buckhead - Atlanta, Georgia and as a  deans list student at Kennesaw State University.

Police reports in Georgia and Alabama are highly suspicious. The investigations are obviously flawed

I was told he was alive but no one could prove that either.  

Then I was told to drop the search "or else."  
Was he murdered as my lawyer and a P.I. suggested?  

Did he run away?  

 Children in America go missing at an alarming rate 

- one child every 40 seconds

U.S. Department of Justice

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

National Incidence Studies of Missing, Abducted, Runaway and Throwaway Children (MISMART)

Please, help me find out what happened to my son.
I cannot rest until I know the truth. 

Thank you and Many Blessings to you for caring. 



  1. I am shocked at how incompetent the police investigation was in both Cobb County Georgia and Baldwin County Alabama. It appears that they were both working together to remove your missing son from the NCIC database as a missing person (Cobb County police removed him one week after he was missing or on Dec 16th) the same day (Dec 16th) the Alabama Bureau of Investigation ABI) received the fingerprints of an unknown deceased John Doe sent by Baldwin County Alabama Sheriff's office on Dec 15th. How on earth can the Sheriff of Baldwin County not immediately send fingerprints of a unknown John Doe, deceased body to the ABI? How on earth can the Cobb County Police remove a missing 20 year old from the NCIC and not correct or know this has occurred when they are in the middle of investigating and interviewing possible suspects and not ever file any written reports until many weeks later? There should be no question that something is terribly wrong when a missing person's investigation is not entered into any record as an ongoing investigation and this person has been deleted from the NCIC system. There is no question that something is terribly wrong when the fingerprints to a deceased John Doe, unknown body do not get sent to the Alabama Bureau of investigation until a week past the time the body is found, Well this was obviously orchestrated to occur on the same day Cobb County deleted your son as a missing person from they NCIC records and continued their investigation without placing any information into any system for over two weeks later.

    Even more disturbing is that the initial responder's report (hand written) Garner, wrote 2 times that the body he witnessed slumped over in the swing had shoulder length hair. So he felt the need to emphasize this fact, and the coroner's report says the hair was 6 inches from the crown (SHORT NOT LONG). So what is the truth? I don't know but is has not been told from the reports that I have read and something is terribly wrong here.

  2. Sorry to say but it looks like you are part of some type of scheme! Law enforcement in two different states, Cobb County, Georgia and Baldwin County, Alabama cannot be that inept. Rather, it appears they have both worked together to make it look like this was your son. Well they messed up the description, the fingerprints being entered into the system, removed him from the NCIC system as a missing person (which would require they enter either found or deceased into the computer) just a week after he was missing but not yet found. It makes little sense that your son was supposedly found in Baldwin County Alabama 2 weeks after he was actually from Cobb County , but Cobb County deleted him in the national NCIC system as a missing person one week before he was supposedly found in Baldwin County Alabama. So how could this even be??? Your son was not reported as even missing..... Something really stinks here. Not to mention Baldwin County Sheriff' Mack and others can't even get their own story correct. Mr Garner TWICE says in the initial report the person found had short hair. Then the next day the Baldwin County Coroner is reporting the body they have has hair that is shoulder length, This is certainly not the same body......... Not unless deceased people can grow a large amount of hair overnight. Also what happened to supposedly your son's shoes? He got from Georgia to Alabama with no shoes??? No mention of footprints or shoes, just some clothes they found. Well those can be anybody's but if no shoes then footprints would say alot. Too many holes in their story.... Unreal.... How can they get away with this?