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According to Dr. Julia Goodin, in a phone conversation I had with her, she explained she did not attend this crime scene. She explained that forensics examiners do not attend crime scenes.  If this is true, then how could she have written this report as though she did?  

Dr. Goodin also during the conversation retrieved her black book where she has records of all her autopsies and said she did not perform the autopsy on this corpse. She said I would have trouble getting in touch with the woman  who did it.   She said the woman left the department soon after the autopsy.  

I have in my notes the woman's name who actually performed the autopsy as Kimberley Patterson.  

Note  Deputy Huey Mack Jr. picked up a shotgun with a green shell. His officer, Mike Holmes, described a red shell at the scene of the death.

NOTE:   Below the three inch scars are mentioned. My son had no scars on his legs or body of any kind.  There is no powder residue on the hands and I have no idea why he would have changed clothing before killing himself.
NOTE:  The Alabama report below says the victim, (at age 20,) was 5 ft., 8 inches tall, and weighed 144 lbs.  Two years earlier the identifying Georgia finger print card indicates the same person, two years younger was 5 ft., 10 inches tall and weighed 160 lbs.  So in two years time he lost 2 inches in height and 16 lbs. in weight?

NOTE: "6-inch diameter tattoo" My son's ankle would not have accommodated a tattoo of that size.  It would have wrapped around his leg at the base. He had a tattoo just above his ankle but it was no more than 2 - 2-1/2 inches in diameter.

NOTE: Below I did not receive a copy of the report until I had an attorney get it for me.

NOTE:  below the shotgun had 7 shells remaining in it.  And according to police reports two shells were discharged.  From all I have been able to determine, there is no version of a Winchester 1200 shotgun capable of holding 9 shells.

NOTE: Even though Detective in charge,  who later became Baldwin County Sheriff, Huey "Hoss"  Mack stated the victim had been swigging whiskey in a newspaper article, and Corporal John Garner documented it in a police  report, the autopsy report below shows there was no alcohol content in the body.

NOTE: The DNA blood stain card was discarded.

(Georgia Record below) Note: Height 5'-10", weight, 160

NOTE: Prints were received one week after the body was found.

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