Friday, July 11, 2014

COBB COUNTY, GA Police Reports

Several of the following Cobb County reports were filed, or recorded on 12/29/1998.

On this day the body had been released in Alabama (12/28/98) and was being flown to Cobb County, Georgia where it was stored at Mayes Ward Dobbins Funeral Home - FOUR DAYS AFTER THEY HAD HELD A FUNERAL.  On this date, I had managed to be released from the Cobb County jail after being arrested 12/28/1998, and after paying $2200.00 cash bond. (The bondsmen I called were not answering their phones and I happened to have cash money with me.)  The following day I was court-ordered, involuntarily committed to Central State Hospital for 72 hours and retained for nearly a week, during which time the body was said to have lain in storage in Cobb County.  I was released from the state hospital hours before the body was said to have been flown to Virginia.

In October of 1998, two months prior to my son's disappearance I had been ordered out of our home by Cobb County police, court ordered with a temporary order, (falsely) accused of attacking our daughter, and so accused of being dangerous.   It was my husband's method of taking control of our home and possessions in the divorce he had initiated.

If the Cobb County police had record of me being ordered out of our home, with record I was a dangerous person, then WHY DIDN'T THEY INTERVIEW ME?   Wouldn't I have been immediately suspect?  Why wasn't I first on the list to be interviewed when our son went missing?   Why did they wait to interview me until after Coweta County police became involved?  WHY didn't they interview my son's siblings who were living in the home with him?

It appears they interviewed two "best friends" whose names were given to them by my ex-husband.  I had never heard of these two people.  Where did they come from?















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